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Dear Applicant,
This is the application form respecting the Structural Engineering Master at the University of Minho.
Please read carefully the instructions and fill in all possible fields. Do not forget to upload all the required documents / attachments listed.
The application can be electronically submitted during the following periods:

First call: February 1 (CLOSED)
Second call: May 27 (CLOSED)
Third call: July 18 (CLOSED)
Spontaneous application:(OPEN)

The tuition fee is 5000 euro per year. Available grants (check ‘available grants’ in the main page) will be attributed to outstanding applicants as follows:

70% during the fist call
30% during the second call

Applicants considered as ‘Eligible’ and wishing to enrol the STREMUM Master programme course will be asked by the STREMUM Secretariat to submit hard-copies of all attachments.

The number of vacancies is very limited (25). Therefore, for full confirmation of registration during each call, the STREMUM secretariat will require an application deposit of 250 euro to be paid by all selected applicants. Applicants awarded with scholarships will be required to pay the application deposit within a month after being informed. The application deposit is refundable, upon payment of the tuition fee.

If you are already registered and have started to fill your application, after you login you can continue your application submission. Otherwise, click in ‘Register’ on login page to create a STREMUM account and filling the application form.
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